Lapis Kimya manufactures and supplies products to several industries. The main applications are flotation reagents and other chemicals especially used in mining chemicals.

We are supplying our own products which are produced locally in Turkey which are copper sulphate, zinc sulphate and activated carbon , also our product portfolio consists of products in a wide rage , like collectors, foaming agents, pH regulators, depressant which are being trades by us. Lapis Kimya is not a product supplier only. Lapis Kimya is the partner for its customers for added value solutions and material supply.

It is obvious that the geographical location of our company and production facility in Turkey makes it cost and time effective in supplying products. Turkey is located just in the center of several trade areas. So Lapis Kimya can be able to supply high quality products with a very short lead time to MEA , MENA, CEE and CIS regions.

Our business approach as Lapis Kimya, is based on respect for human and nature. It is our priority to build long-term, reliable partnerships with sustainable and rational solutions that will benefit our customers in the long run. We believe in continuous improvement by following innovations and technologies throughout the world. The needs of our customers are the focal point of our understanding of development.

Our mission as Lapis Kimya; to contribute, to the development of environmentally conscious, innovative, economical and sustainable processes; by providing environmental friendly, high quality and innovative solutions for our customers.

As Lapis Kimya we aim to be a leading company in the sector with our rational, economic and environmental solutions. We intend to be the first preferred solution partner for our