Water Treatment

Importance of water increases everyday due to factors such as global warming and decreasing water resources, therefore it needs to be used effectively and efficiently. Water, which is vital for human, is also very valuable in the industrial field. Recycling and efficient use of water which is used in many areas such as cooling of industrial area, boiler, heating are very important for managing of resources and economically .

Lapis Kimya; offers water conditioning programs which are protecting your valuable equipment, also aims to reduce the release of harmful emissions and aims to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels.

Industrial Water Chemicals

* Boiler Systems Conditioning Chemicals

  • Oxygen Keepers
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Neutralizing Amines
  • Hardness inhibitors and dispersants
  • Filmmaking Amines
  • Pitches

* Cooling Water Treatment and Control

  • Dispersants, hardness and corrosion inhibitors for open cooling systems
  • Anti-corrosion and corrosion inhibitors for indoor cooling systems
  • Oxidising and non-oxidizing biocides
  • Biodispersant
  • Antifreezes


Cleaning Chemicals

  • Rust removers
  • Oil and sludge removers
  • anti-decontaminating materials
  • Special cleaning programs for clean water circuits

* Reverse Osmosis Chemicals

  • Reverse osmosis, cessation inhibitors and dispersing agents
  • Membrane cleaning products
  • Biocides

* Geothermal Water Treatment and Control

  • Hardness inhibitors and dispersants

Water Treatment

* Swimming pool water treatment chemicals

  • Disinfectants
  • Algae Preventive Chemicals
  • pH regulating chemicals
  • Coagulants
  • Filter and surface cleaners
  • Winter care products
  • Continuous Cleaners
Water Treatment technical report


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